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Basic Table

Existing Connection



Use wizard to configure Quicktable, less programming required!
 Before starting the tutorial, we need to setup the environment. We are going to have a MS-access database & we are going to use JDBC-ODBC driver to connect to it.

Database Setup

   You need to have a database, to try the tutorial. I've selected MS-Access as the database , since it is small & easy to install. Download the database here. Copy the quicktable.mdb file which you downloaded into any directory. You have two table there Employee & Department.

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Data Source Name setup

To set up a data source called JClassDemo in Windows:

  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel to open the Control Panel window.
  2. Choose ODBC (Windows NT) or 32 Bit ODBC (Windows 95/98) to launch the ODBC Data Source Administrator tabbed dialog window.
  3. Click on  Add to add a new data source
  4. Select Microsoft Access Drivers, in the listed drivers, click on "finish"
  5. In the next window, type in the data source name as QuickTableDemo
  6. Now we need to associate the database with the above name, click on   Select ... button in the database group.
  7. Use the Select Database window to choose the location of quicktable.mdb where you have downloaded. If you have not yet downloaded click here.
  8. Close all setup windows. Your ODBC data source is configured

ClassPath setup

Add the dowloaded bean jar file in the class path or follow the IDE instructions to add the jar file to IDE. You also need to have swing 1.1 or swing 1.03 in your classpath based on which quicktable you are using.

Your setup is completed. Go to the Basic Example of Quciktable

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