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Fixed Columns
You can create excel like fixed columns very easily using just one line code setFixedColumns(new int[]{1,2}). The fixed columns will not be scrollable, while other columns you can scroll horizontally.

Calendar Editor
All the date columns , will show the calendar editor, when a user tries to edit the cell. No coding required

Combobox Image Selector
Be more visual, instead of displaying text, display images. No need to write your own celleditor/renderer.

Column c = dBTable1.getColumn(1);
Hashtable imageHash = new Hashtable();
imageHash.put("amazon",new ImageIcon(this.getClass().getResource("/images/amazon.gif")));
imageHash.put("barnes",new ImageIcon(this.getClass().getResource("/images/barnes.gif")));

Combobox Editor
Instead of making the users to type within the cell, show a prepopulated list in combo box.

Sorting Indicator in column header

Search text
Using a simple doFind() method call, you can search for text

Find & Replace text

Print Preview
Using a simple printPreview() method call, you can show this print preview screen

With QuickTable it is very easy to show text in your own language using setDBTableLocale(). Please note, we used machine translation to translate from english to other languages. If some translations are incorrect, you can easily correct in QuickTable.Properties file.We would be happy to include your transaltions into the QuickTable properties file, please email us the properties file.

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